How To  Apply

  • In order to apply you
  • must be based in London
  • subscribe to Spotlight
  • need to have up to date headshots
  • would ideally be in a show / have an up to date showreel to give us a chance to see you act.


Having considered these points, if you'd like to proceed please contact us via -

Email -


Post - Actors Alliance

KP CH3 28

Chester House

Kennington Park

1-3 Brixton Road

London SW9 6DE

Please remember to

  • Tell us why you're interested in joining a Coop
  • Tell us what skills & experience you have that would benefit the Coop
  • Include a link to your Spotlight page
  • Attach a good quality, recent headshot
  • Let us know about anything we can see you in

Before Applying

Before applying please be mindful that Cooperative life is not for everyone. Being in the Agency is a significant life choice.

When you are not on an acting job you will be working as an agent in the office (currently one full day per week) you are also required to

  • attend monthly meetings
  • see shows of both existing Clients and Applicants
  • read plays for Casting recommendations
  • generally be conscious of the needs of the Agency